We are growing consistently since 1978.


Producing tooling and the auxiliary equipment for TOFAŞ services have been started with the establishing of Erkalıp in 1972. Ermetal started to manufacturing parts for serial life with the beginning of 1981 by “steering lower shaft” production of 131 Project. Another meaning of this manufacturing is also the localization of this part. It was very important if to localize considering the manufacturing capabilities at that time. This part is still on production as a spare part.

In the meantime Ermetal had increased its business volume by producing hand brake lever, cardan shafts and various sheet metal parts for TOFAŞ. In later years, the steering shaft systems have been manufactured for Palio and Albea models of Fiat and finally New Doblo Steering Column localized co-operating with RHODES.

Ermetal have diversified its customer portfolio between 2000 and 2006, now serving as a Tier 1 supplier to FIAT-TOFAŞ, FORD MOTOR COMPANY, FORD OTOSAN, RENAULT S.a.S, OYAK RENAULT, TOYOTA TMMT, TOYATA ENGLAND and TOYOTA SOUTH AFRICA. Ermetal is very experienced on producing body, closure and chassis parts (especially high grade DP600-DP1000 quality sheet metals), welded assemblies and safety parts like hinges, wishbones and crash boxes for its customers.

Ermetal Automotive has the certificates of ISO TS 16949:2009 and ISO 14001:2005. In addition to these, Ermetal Automotive has Q1 certificate. This certificate has been given by Ford Otosan and necessary to work as a Tier 1 supplier on new projects. Ermetal has received a Fiat Auto Outstanding Performance Quality Award in “CONVENTION QUALITAS CEREMONY in 2006” and Supplier Quality Award in 2008 from TOFAŞ. Receiving awards on Quality, Project Management & Cost Improvement branches from our other customers make us proud.

Ermetal goal is to work as a Co-Designer with its customers for their upcoming projects. In accordance with the realization of this aim, R&D Center was established in November 2011 by including all companies in business group.