Ermetal complies the social and environmental responsibilities carefully with its customers, NGOs and public institutions.

Code of EthIcs

Ermetal acts responsible in all of its activities in accordance with the humility and the respect to the people. Applications of code of conducts are based on the following principles;


1- Ermetal complies the social and environmental responsibilities with its customers, NGOs and public institution.

2- We believe, that the Human Resources are the most important pillar for sustainable growth. We endeavor the personal development of our employees.

3- We ensure the correct usage of personal rights of our employees.

4- We obey labor code and we are against bribery & corruption.

5- We treat our employees honestly & fair and assure working environment without discrimination. Discrimination of religious, sex, color and etc. are strongly forbidden and unacceptable in Ermetal.

6- Child labor is forbidden in Ermetal and we conduct positive discrimination to the female and disabled employees.

7- As stated in the law, we guarantee to employ min. %3 percentage of disabled workers out of our total workforce.

8- The right to join labor unions, workers’ councils are permitted.

9- Salary and the social rights of the employees are practiced as stated in employment agreement. Overtime wages are practiced above min.legal. Working times have been organized according to the labor code and working time directives. Ermetal guarantees to pay during annual vacation. Ermetal applies the off work periods as stated in law.

10- We promote the collaboration and procure to work in harmony of our employees who have different beliefs and thoughts.

11- We ensure the improvement and the sustainability of social and cultural activities.

12- Ermetal makes an effort for developing our society in accordance with its policy of social responsibility and supports the social activities of its employees voluntarily.

13- Ermetal manages responsibly the environmental impacts cause of its activities.

14-As a part of Ermetal's commitment to corporate responsibility and respect for human rights, its goal is not to use Tantalum (Ta), Tin (Sn), Tungsten (W) and Gold (Au) in its products, processes, domestic or foreign supply chain to directly or indirectly provide finance or benefits to Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or neighboring armed groups in neighboring countries. Ermetal, for this purpose, the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) is supporting these efforts by all.


All of our employee, particularly the corporation CEO and executives are responsible to obey and apply the above principles.