Ermetal is an unique society that everyone wants to be within and proud to be a part of.

Human Resources



In line with our company philosophy of “our most valuable asset is our people”,

Our main policy is to support the mission, vision and corporate values of our companies, to achieve business results that would satisfy all stakeholders and to develop and implement human resources strategies that would create value in global competition to reach at our companies’ strategic aims and purposes.



Our Group of Companies aims to become a group that:

  • Is committed to corporate values
  • Is sensitive to stakeholder expectations
  • Is open to development and change
  • Is innovative and creative
  • Contributes to our companies’ brand values and reputation
  • Is a preferred workplace setting a role model in the society for the individual responsibilities undertaken.


Within this scope, our Human Resources policies are to:

  • Employ staff who are committed to the group of companies’s ethical values and who display behavior that are in line with the vision, mission and corporate values
  • contribute to staff’s individual development and to continue to carry out effective and multilateral training activities to this end
  • create the environment that encourages open, transparent and close communication between staff
  • ensure that staff have a balanced work and social life and to organize activities and events to keep their motivation and loyalty high
  • encourage creativity, innovation and participation among staff
  • be a team, create team spirit and the “we” feeling
  • carry out social responsibility projects with staff and to ensure that staff are sensitive to people and the environment